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Foamed glass Hoger

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HOGER foam glass is a light organic insulating building material of wide use.

Areas of application of foam glass:

  1. Insulation slab.
    Izolacja płyty fundamentowej

  2. Inverted roof insulation.
    Izolacja dachu odwróconego

  3. Insulation of floors on the ground.
    Izolacja podłogi na gruncie

  4. Lightweight concrete.
    Lightweight concrete

  5. Green roof insulation.
    Izolacja zielonego dachu

  6. Isolation of sports facilities, swimming pools, ice rinks and the pitch.
    Izolacja obiektów sportowych, basenów, płyty boiska i lodowiska

  7. Insulation heated sidewalks and streets.
    Izolacji ogrzewanych chodników i ulic

Thermal insulation of floors:

  • suitable for all types of surfaces
  • suitable for any load
  • suitable for construction with underfloor heating or cooling

Thermal insulation of roofs:

  • terraces and roofs suitable for pedestrian traffic
  • parking on the roofs and roofs designed for vehicular traffic
  • landing on the roofs
  • roof gardens

Foundation insulation:

  • insulation of foundation plates, strips and plinths
  • insulation of basement walls
  • interruption of thermal bridges walls

Lightweight aggregate:

  • production of lightweight concrete

Structures adapted to low temperatures:

  • ice rink
  • icehouse

Special constructions:

  • insulation of machine foundations
  • insulation of tanks foundations

In addition to the construction foam glass is used in many fields of industrial insulation:

  • isolation devices and systems with operating temperatures to -260 ° C to + 430 ° C
  • insulation of appliances and installations, which contain chemicals or flammable, or in a corrosive environment
  • insulation coverings industrial chimney, where there is interaction of chemicals and high temperatures
  • foundation insulation of containers of liquefied gas or other media
  • bezkanałowych insulation of underground pipes (directly buried underground).
  • insulation of tanks foundations, chimneys, flues.
  • insulation of ships and oil platforms.

The process of preparation for the construction of slab:

WykopUkładanie geowłókniny na zakładkęDostarczenie granulatu luźno, w tkaninie transportującej lub w worku typu Big BagRozłożenie granulatu na  geowłukninęZagęszczanie granulatuPodłoże gotowe do budowy płyty fundamentowej

The insulation base plates foamed glass can be used in land which well disperse water.

With according to conditions for the project described by the designer in the project we:

Foamed glass, depending on the quantity, is supplied on the construction site in bulk or in bags with a capacity of 1m3 - big bag.

After scattering, material is leveled to a horizontal surface, which is subjected to compaction using a plate compactor.

During compaction dense surface is created, pay attention to carry out the process evenly for the entire substructure. In the case in which thickness of foamed glass layer exceeds 30cm, it is nessesery to divide laying and compaction process into two stages, so that the foam glass was compacted in a uniform manner throughout the height.

Hoger The company meets quality of ISO 9001: 2009 and 14001: 2005, foamed glass produced on the basis of the purchased patent cooperation with AGH and under the supervision of an accredited laboratory.

What is foamed glass?

Hoger foam glass is a material obtained from the pure cullet subjected to a high temperature with the use of natural foaming agent.

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