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The product of our company is foamed glass Hoger, we offer them in the form of aggregates with a grain size of 10 to 60 mm in accordance with EN 13055-2.

Glass foam (foam)

Foam glass (from ang. Foam glass, otherwise: foam glass) insulating material is totally resistant to moisture contact with the ground, mold, fungi and rodents, and does not lose characteristics even under significant load. It is a light, porous insulating material. It fulfills the function of the isolator foundations. Such security foundation is successfully used in the west and north of Europe, where the glass insulation foam insulation solutions replace other foundations. On an industrial scale production of foam glass developed in the 50s. Today it is a material that meets a number of functions including as thermal insulation and waterproofing. Foam glass is extremely easy and simple to work with, and at the same time characterized by constancy of shapes. The product has a high chemical resistance and compressive strength. Among the most significant features of the foam glass worth mentioning: waterproof, vapor tight and non-flammability.

HOGER foam glass is the material:

  • Ecological - produced from pure cullet
  • Thermal insulation - thanks to a uniform multi-cell structure of closed pores filled with air and heat-transfer coefficient lambda of about 0.07 Wm / K
  • Drainage - Waterproofing not receiving water,
  • With non- qualified for flammability of building materials class A1 according to DIN EN 13 055-1.
    Point of plastic deformation of the grains (heat resistance) is of 700 for C
  • frost-resistant ,
  • sound-absorbing ,
  • Light - from 150 - 180 kg / m 3 density.
  • Carrying the load - bearing capacity of the compacted able baseplates is 45-55 tons / m2,
  • Neutral inert to fungi and mold.

Form of delivery:

  • self-acceptance,
  • with delivery to the customer.

Vehicles with the length of 13,60 can be loaded 80 - 95 m 3 of material.

Ciężarówka 13,60m

Dimensions M (L. W x. X height.): 13.60 x 2.45 x 2.50 - 2.85

A kind of package:

  • bags, big bags with a capacity of 2 m 3 ,
  • bulk.

Big Bag

Big Bag

Big Bag

Big Bag







Regulamin promocji:

  • promocja oznacza udzielenie 15% rabatu na produkt od ceny katalogowej
  • promocja i rabat nie obejmuje kosztów opakowania i kosztów transportu
  • promocja ważna przy zamówieniu minimum 60m3
  • cena promocyjna obowiązuje do 31.08.2018 lub do wyczerpania partii promocyjnej produktu
  • wpłacając 30% zaliczki można zamówić szkło piankowe w cenie promocyjnej na sezon budowlany 2018

What is foamed glass?

Hoger foam glass is a material obtained from the pure cullet subjected to a high temperature with the use of natural foaming agent.

Dom pod klucz Hoger